Marco Beverage Systems, a global leader in manufacturing water and coffee brewing systems for the HORECA, foodservice and specialty beverage industries, has announced the release of a new commercial water boiler range: the Marco MT Range. The MT water boiler range is the newest countertop tap boiler from Marco, who are known for sleek design and energy-efficient systems. The MT boiler range will initially include a 4L, 8L, 8L with in-built water filter variants. The MT boiler Following these models will be an 8L double-tap, 25L and 30L variants designed for high-volume service environments. The MT boiler has a removeable drip-tray and live LED temperature read-out. Designed to be both highly reliable and cost-effective, the MT boiler can be used in restaurants, hotels, coffee shops or offices anywhere that requires instant boiler water. With an insulated tank and stainless-steel casing, the MT boiler is even more energy-efficient than the best-selling Marco Ecoboiler. For over 40 years Marco has set the industry standard for water boilers. The best-in-class Ecoboiler can be seen in a broad variety of applications around the world, and the award-winning Marco MIX was a game-changer in temperature control and precision. The Marco MT boiler can also be used with the Marco hands-free tap adapter which eliminates a key touchpoint and can be installed without an engineer or any machine downtime.

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