What comes to mind when you hear “Switzerland”?

Luxury watches, delicious chocolates and mesmerising alpine scenery might be the first things you think of, but you may want to add another item to the list – Espresso machines.

With brands and products that hail from Switzerland, there is always the promise of precision, excellence and service that is not easily copied. And Solis is no exception. The company’s DNA has not changed since it was founded in Switzerland over 110 years ago: Solis wants people’s everyday lives enriched with high-quality appliances that make life simpler and happier. And every new product is intensively researched and developed in Switzerland before being
produced and sold.

SOLIS BARISTA PERFETTA PLUS – The first in the Solis Perfetta family

The pearl of Solis, the Solis Barista Perfetta Plus espresso machine, was unveiled in 2019 after 4 years of in-house development in Switzerland. It promptly snagged the Red Dot Design Award and Good Design Award in 2020, a testament to the powerful functions within its sleek and compact body.

After overwhelming response for the Barista Perfetta Plus and requests from dealers, Solis has rolled out its new and function-packed espresso machine model in 2022.

SOLIS GRIND & INFUSE PERFETTA – Make the perfect espresso with just one machine

Introducing the Solis Grind & Infuse Perfetta, modelled from the best-selling Barista Perfetta Plus, but with the addition of a built-in coffee grinder.

The semi-automatic espresso machine has everything you need to make a perfect espresso, cappuccino or flat white.



ZERO STATICTM built-in grinder

The best cup of coffee starts with perfectly ground coffee beans.

Enter the ZERO STATIC™ built-in grinder. The quiet and belt-driven grinder has 25 different grinding settings, and like its
namesake, is anti-static.

As the coffee beans pass through the grinding mechanism, they pick up an electrical charge that causes the ground coffee to “jump” out of the grinder and create clumps, reducing dosing precision as well as consistency and producing waste. The ZERO STATIC™ coffee grinder prevents this and ensures that you can effortlessly grind the right amount of coffee for your perfect cup of coffee.


Ultimate Control
Thanks to the digital micro timer, you have full control over your cup of coffee. The multifunctional 3-digit display shows the grinding and brewing time and support messages, while the built-in timer is accurate to a tenth of a second! The brewing temperature can also be set 5°C below or above the factory settings.


In addition, the Grind & Infuse Perfetta has an integrated manometer that displays the extraction pressure. To prepare a rich espresso, sufficient pressure during the brewing process is essential. Too much or too little pressure during the coffee extraction leads to over- or under-extraction of the coffee, which can have a very negative impact on the aroma of the coffee.

With the help of the manometer, you can always keep an eye on the extraction pressure and have full control over your coffee! A pressure between 8 and 12 bar is perfect to obtain an optimal cup of espresso.

A balanced taste

When you start the coffee brewing process with the Grind & Infuse Perfetta, the ground coffee is first moistened gently under low pressure for a balanced extraction. This is called low-pressure pre-infusion. Thanks to this pre infusion, the coffee tastes sweet and creamy with a thick layer of heavenly, caramel crema.

At the same time, the adaptive PID (Proportional-Integral-Derivative) controller helps to stabilise and control the steam, water and brewing temperature. This helps to fully develop the aromas of your coffee.

Coffee under 1 minute 

The Grind & Infuse Perfetta has an aluminium thermoblock system with stainless steel tubes. This thermoblock heats the water in an instant for quick
coffee preparation, and the machine is ready to use in 45 seconds.

Not only does the thermoblock
heat the water quickly, it also saves energy and produces high-quality steam for making the perfect frothed milk. Create silky, barista-quality microfoam with a sweet, balanced taste with powerful dry steam from the 360° rotating steam wand, and serve up the perfect cappuccino or show off your creativity with latte art.

Developed to extract the best out of every coffee bean, taste the difference in every cup of
coffee made with the Solis Grind & Infuse Perfetta. It’s just Perfetta!

Upgrade your coffee experience with Solis accessories with the Perfetta knock box, tamping
mat, digital pocket scale and espresso podium. And enhance it further with competition-grade
filter baskets and shower screens from the upcoming Solis x IMS collaboration.

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