Banquet and buffet services moves for cleaner fuel and energy efficient system

(Singapore, Oct 2022)

A class of Singapore hotels has reduced carbon dioxide emission by 27.6 tons in 2020 alone, a promising stroke seen despite the pandemic.

Every year since 2018, Aunix International Pte Ltd accord these certificates to each of these hotels which has adopted the cleaner and greener solution in their buffet services. The program, initiated by Eco Burner Ltd aims to commend the hospitality industry’s contribution to environmental protection. It is brought to Singapore and Malaysia by Aunix International as part of a joint effort to actively encourage the use of sustainable and cleaner energy solutions for portable heat provision in banquets and buffet services.

Every little reduction is a step towards achieving the targets for green economy as part of the Singapore Green Plan 2030. Eco Burner is a Zero-Water, Zero-Waste Less Carbon emission solution that has been shaking conventions in buffet services globally. In a study conducted in Dec2020, Eco Burner has shown a 78% decrease in carbon emission as compared to traditional products.

Yearly calculation is commissioned via Carbon Footprint Ltd, based on the usage of Eco Burner system, a clean fuel and energy efficient solution as compared to traditional disposable wicks or gels. Eco Burner is able to achieve incremental cost savings of 15-30% and it proudly part of the 1000Solutions by Solar Impulse. It uses cleaner fuel, and is designed as refillable equipment reducing disposable wastes that ends up in landfill often thrown with left over chemicals within.

What’s more, Eco Burner system delivers a savings of approximately 20 litres of water per banquet service. This is because, it removes steam dependency in order to maintain healthy food temperature. In place of steam, Eco Burner uses the hotplate technology which ensures consistent heat is delivered without the need of water.

Every little reduction in carbon emission is a move to combat climate change. Every entity has a role to play and Aunix International together with its industry partners and Eco Burner recognizes these hotels that has already taken action.

About Eco Burner
Headquartered in Ireland, Eco Burner Ltd.  is a company committed to bring the best buffet products to hotel and banqueting facilities. With presence in over 60 countries worldwide, working closely with a network of distributors to ensure better needs assessment and product suitability. Eco Burner is passionate on issues pertaining to safety, protection of the environment and care for global community.

About AUNIX International
Aunix International Pte Ltd is a Singapore based company established in 2015. A company that specializes in design and development of remarkable revolutionary products for the hospitality industry. Aunix innovates with the infusion of technology and explores advance concepts to deliver products that are multi-functional, upgrading and beautiful.

Aunix International also partners with renowned companies in green technology and together drives eco-friendly products for environment sustainability