An exquisite single-origin 100% Arabica blend from selected natural plantations in Ethiopia.

For those who think of flavour as a cultural value

To find out where the finest varieties of coffee originated, Lavazza went to the central Ethiopian region of Kafa, from which the word “coffee” comes from, and where it all began. Genetically, all the coffee in the world can be traced to Kafa. If everything in Nature happens for a reason, this claim to fame is a testament to excellence. The Arabica variety originated here because the climatic and environmental conditions are ideal. Pure, noble and original, Kafa coffee is the “father” of all the others.

This makes Kafa an exclusive product, dedicated to those who can really appreciate it, recognise its subtleties and appreciate the history embodied in its flavour. Lavazza has selected the finest variety of Arabica coffee for the benefit of real coffee connoisseurs. The beans are processed with the simplicity and guarantee of quality of a roaster with 120 years of experience, passion and professionalism.

A niche product, yet without being ostentatious: Kafa is a product of the Earth — of exquisite quality, but from the Earth. It is a raw gold nugget, a rough diamond, a product that has nothing to prove: it is what it is. Its form is simple, pure and refined. Its luxury is of the cultural rather than the material kind.

The coffee encapsulated in Kafa is unique. The sensory experience of this coffee is as unique as its origins, making it one of the finest coffees in the world. A 100% Arabica product that encapsulates the fragrance of its origins: the luxuriant Ethiopian forest region of Kafa. It is a characterful coffee with a distinctive structure and an intense floral aroma. It should be savoured carefully in order to fully appreciate the special aftertaste of honey and dates, with delicious notes of ripe cherry.

About the Lavazza Group

Lavazza, founded in Turin in 1895, has been owned by the Lavazza family for four generations. As one of the world’s most important coffee roasters, the Group now operates in more than 140 countries through its subsidiaries and distributors, with 70% of revenues generated abroad and a total of over 4,000 employees. 

Companies that form part of the Lavazza Group include France’s Carte Noire and ESP (acquired in 2016 and 2017 respectively), Denmark’s Merrild (2015), North America’s Kicking Horse Coffee (2017), Italy’s Nims (2017), and the business of Australia’s Blue Pod Coffee Co (2018). At the end of 2018, following an acquisition, the Lavazza Professional Business Unit was created, which includes the Office Coffee Service (OCS) and Vending systems Flavia and Klix.

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