Reduce, Re-use – before you recycle. Transformative piece as key design concept


Advancing reduce, reuse, recycle beyond some art project, the ‘RISE X’ Collection is a transformative equipment that curbs negative environmental impact.

Aunix International has raised the bar for 3R initiative beyond soda containers and milk boxes. RISE X Collection can easily switch from a table to a station with fully modular table top.

Transformative piece as a key design concept for the hospitality operating equipment is able to realize about 30-50% reduction in spending. What is most notable is the aim to reduce pressure on raw material and minimize landfill waste by increasing the value of an equipment which are conventionally purpose specific.

In contrast, ‘RISE X’ Collection being a multi-functional equipment can fulfil 2 or 3 purpose as it transforms with very little accessories or addition. It stretches the time and value of use before it is replaced and effectively reduce waste from briefly used equipment.

This product is a realization of green design that push forward sustainability, cutting back the need for raw materials and energy. Re-use the main frame of the RISE X Collection buffet station and turn it into a mobile bar with replaceable panels to fulfil a completely new function yet maintain a compatible look.

Further, ‘RISE X’ Collection is designed to support the ZERO-Water, Zero-waste system in buffet services working closely with Eco Burner.

From a humble beginning in 2015, Aunix International Pte Ltd. has been focussing on green innovation for the hospitality industry. Through design & development of revolutionary remarkable operating furniture and by advancing products that reduces carbon footprint, so people and practices can grow.

About AUNIX International
Aunix International Pte Ltd is a Singapore based company established in 2015. A company that specializes in design and development of remarkable revolutionary products for the hospitality industry. Aunix International innovates with the infusion of technology and explores advance concepts to deliver products that are multi-functional, upgrading and beautiful. Aunix International also partners with renowned companies in green technology and together drives eco-friendly products for environment sustainability